Things to do in Goa in Summer

Goa in Summer

Goa entices travelers from across the globe with its sun-splashed beaches and vibrant culture. As temperatures climb, it turns into an adventure seeker and beach lover’s dream.

When the summer heat simmers across India, Goa remains mild and inviting thanks to cooling Arabian Sea breezes. Whether you seek serene relaxation, heart-thumping adventures, vibrant culture, or mouthwatering cuisine, Goa promises endless delights!

Public buses provide a good option connecting major towns. Rental scooters and metered taxis are also available at affordable rates. For greater flexibility at reasonable rates, car rentals in Goa are ideal. When preparing for beach getaways or offbeat escapades, having your own set of rental wheels maximizes the fun and ease of exploring paradise!

Best Things To Do In Goa

Here are the best things you can do to enjoy your vacation in Goa during the summer season: 

Beach Hopping

Beaches like Calangute and Baga are famous for lively nightlife scenes. Sip cocktails and dine at beach shacks while waves crash under moonlight. Anjuna beach offers pretty sunsets and trance parties. Dance the night away with revelers from across the globe. Palolem’s calm currents and shady palms offer rejuvenation. There are many more beaches you can explore!

Buses connect coastal towns, but rental scooters allow stopping spontaneously at whatever beach catches your fancy. Taxis are also available easily. For more convenience, rent a car in Goa to customize beach-hopping routes.

Water Sports Extravaganza

Dive into adrenaline-pumping water activities around Goa’s spectacular shores and rivers. Test your mettle parasailing high above glittering blue waters while strapped to a parachute. Race family or friends zipping along the Arabian Sea atop speedy jet skis. For a peaceful paddle take transparent kayaks along coastal mangroves keeping eyes peeled for unique birds.

Having your own rental car in Goa means the flexibility to stop spontaneously for any adventure catching your eye without relying on group shuttles.

Sunset Cruises

For unforgettable views, sail along North Goa’s Mandovi River as the sun sinks below the horizon, basking everything in golden light. Multiple operators offer evening dinner cruises aboard triple-decker boats with live music and entertainment. Watch the sun descend behind Old Goa’s magnificent churches on deck or from window-front dining tables. Some cruise packages allow disembarking at a floating casino to try your luck after.

While buses connect to major points in Central Goa, having your own self-drive rental car makes getting to the North Goa cruise departure points easier without relying on a taxi.

Night in Summer

Nightlife Adventures

When the sun goes down Goa’s legendary nightlife scene shifts. At South Goa’s shacks, listen to acoustic sets on the beach with toes in the sand and coconut cocktails in hand. Take in gorgeous sea views while partying into the night at open-air clubs and restaurants.

While buses, scooters, and taxis can provide transit between key points, having a self-drive car in Goa allows for worry-free revelries into the wee hours.

Explore Old Goa’s Heritage

Step back through the centuries wandering atmospheric Old Goa, the historical and spiritual heartbeat offering glimpses into the state’s rich past. Marvel at the gilded altars and art inside Baroque churches like the 17th-century Basilica of Bom Jesus – home to the tomb and relics of St. Francis Xavier.

The towering Sé Cathedral built in 1510 boasts a magnificent interior and striking bell tower, while the ruins of St. Augustine Tower and Church provide a mystic setting.

Buses, rental scooters and taxis can take you to Old Goa, but having your own self-drive car rental in Goa allows easy hopping between historic sites on your own schedule.

Spice Plantation Tours

Immerse yourself in the fragrant world of spices at one of Goa’s working plantations. Local guides detail everything from cocoa growing processes to the intricacies of harvesting nutmeg as you walk shady groves and sample vibrant powders straight from the source.

Purchase bags of fresh peppers and vanilla beans at estate stores after educational and aromatic tours.

Goan Cuisine Delights

Savor the complex flavors of Goan cuisine infused with Portuguese influences. Be sure to try the iconic fish curry rice – tender reef fish like mackerel or pomfret simmered in a coconut gravy punched up by red chiles and black pepper. As a sweet finale, dig into the beloved layer cake bebinca with toasted coconut. And no trip to Goa is complete without sampling feni – a potent local spirit distilled from cashews or coconuts.

Buses or rental scooters can provide easy transportation between popular Goan restaurants. However, having a self-drive car rental in Goa allows foodies to easily bounce between departments on gastronomical adventures chasing the perfect meal.

Visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Take a trip to the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park to witness this mighty four-tiered cascade plummeting over 1000 feet into pine forests and swirling pools below. Meaning “sea of milk” for its foamy white waters, Dudhsagar is accessible via scenic trail through the jungle or as part of guided treks.


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about things to do in Goa in summer.

Things to do in Goa in Summer

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