8 activities you can do on this Valentine’s Day in Goa

Valentine’s Day in Goa

Goa’s laidback vibe, scenic beaches, and charming colonial architecture make it the perfect romantic getaway for couples. Enjoy quality time with your loved one in this tropical paradise on Valentine’s Day.

You can start your trip with a relaxing massage side by side at one of Goa’s beach shacks. Stop for a picnic in a spice plantation or garden. Then watch the sunset hand in hand on the sand. Share a meal under the stars at a local farm-to-table restaurant. There is so much to do!

Getting around Goa is easy with various transportation options. Buses are easily available! Rent a scooter or a taxi for more convenience. You can also rent a self-drive car in Goa for maximum flexibility to explore at your own pace.

With its mix of natural beauty and cultural charm, Goa sets the scene for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for couples. Enjoy intimate experiences that make your love feel brand new again.

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Valentine’s Day in Goa: 8 Memorable Experiences

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to plan a special romantic getaway with your loved one. Goa offers so many unique experiences and dreamy settings to celebrate your love.

Romantic Dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner is a timeless way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Goa offers many wonderful settings for an intimate meal.

Consider dining at restaurants. Their beachfront locations, soft lighting, and gourmet menus set the mood for romance. Take in the sea breeze and beautiful sunset views over dinner.

Focus on the ambiance and overall dining experience. Peruse the menu and wine list for something to delight your palate. Make reservations ahead of time to secure the perfect table. Dress up and toast each other for a special evening.

Party the Night Away!

Dance the night away with your lover in one of the beach shacks or happening clubs of Goa which is known for its legendary nightlife. Special Valentine’s Day celebrations are often held in venues with DJs, dances, and entertainment.

There are many popular hot spots that ensure a vibrant mood. Dance all night long under light strings, dancing to the rhythms of Bollywood and electronic music. It creates a memorable night out due to the festive, romantic ambiance.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Go for a lovely hot air balloon ride over Goa on Valentine’s Day to make this day special. During the leisurely float through the skies, you will feast your eyes on pristine beaches, lush jungles, and winding rivers.

Sharing this unique, adventurous experience with your partner will create lifelong memories. Many companies offer sunrise flights to enhance the beauty. Cuddle close as you watch the sunrise illuminate Goa’s landscapes.

Explore Architectural Ruins

Take a trip back in time together by exploring Goa’s countless architectural ruins. Walk hand in hand through historic forts, churches, lighthouses, and more.

Sites like the magnificent Chapora Fort and the ancient Cabo de Rama Fort contain plenty of photographic backdrops. The old-world romantic charm makes these ideal settings to celebrate your love.

Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy amidst the relics of the past. Strike your best Romeo and Juliet pose on a scenic balcony or spiraling staircase. Create special memories while uncovering the beauty of Goa’s bygone eras.

Stargazing on the Beaches

Go to one of Goa’s more secluded beaches on Valentine’s Day. Pack blankets and gaze at the stars with your darling under moonlit skies.

Palolem, Agonda, and Colva offer plenty of serene stretches perfect for stargazing. The soothing sound of waves in the background sets the mood for romance.

Rent a scooter or a car for self-drive in Goa to easily explore various spots and find your ideal beachside stargazing haven away from city lights.

Party Cruises in Goa

Party Cruises

For lively romance, embark on a Valentine’s Day party cruise along Goa’s Mandovi River. Multi-level boats feature dancing, entertainment, and dining for festive floating fun.

Sway to live music, browse the onboard disco, and take in riverside views during the 2-3 hour trip. Some companies offer heart-shaped balloons, romantic decor, and sunset/moonlight cruises.

Raise a toast to your love as you sail past charming colonial buildings. Capture selfies against the famed Erasmus Bridge neon lights. A Mandovi river cruise makes for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s experience.

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Nature Escapes

Trade the ordinary for the extraordinary this Valentine’s Day by bonding with your sweetie amidst Goa’s abundant natural beauty.

Escape into the wilderness together by visiting parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Embark on adventurous treks through the forests and farmlands. Stop for a romantic picnic on a spice plantation..

If you prefer leisurely exploration, stroll hand in hand through lush gardens admiring the flora. Wherever you connect with nature, the memories will last a lifetime.

Backwaters Ride

A peaceful boat trip along Goa’s idyllic backwaters creates the ideal romantic setting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Leisurely navigate narrow waterways shaded by overhanging trees.

Cruise past tiny islands and villages. Watch water birds take flight as you glide by. Feel your stress melt away taking in the tranquil, lush scenery.

Many tours include complimentary drinks and meals aboard. Toast to your sweetheart and relish quality time together on the serene waters under blue skies. A backwater ride provides a wonderfully relaxing, romantic experience.


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8 activities you can do on this Valentine’s Day in Goa

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