6 Forts in North Goa Beyond the Chapora that You Must Visit in 2024!

Aguada Fort

Exploring the forts of Goa can be an exciting experience as each has its own story and charm. Walking through these old structures gives you a look into Goa’s rich history under Portuguese rule. The grand design and wide ramparts take you back in time.

Beyond the popular Chapora Fort, there are several other forts across Goa that are worth seeing for their stunning hilltop locations and wide views. Each has its own special appeal and local tales that a guide can share.

Goa also has lots of ways to travel between fort sites easily. From buses, taxis, and scooters to cars for self-drive in Goa, you have a lot of options when it comes to transportation in Goa.

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Top Forts in North Goa Apart From Chapora Fort

Here are some of the best forts in North Goa apart from Chapora Fort: 

Aguada Fort

The Aguada Fort was established by the Portuguese to defend against attacks from the Dutch and Marathas. Located on Sinquerim Beach in North Goa, it offers mesmerizing views of the Arabian Sea.

The fort was built in 1612 and served as an important base for the Portuguese. It gets its name from the freshwater springs located within the fort complex. “Aguada” means water in

Portuguese. Visitors can soak in panoramic vistas of the sea and the sandy stretch of Sinquerim Beach from the fort.

Various modes of public transportation are available to reach Aguada Fort conveniently. Buses are available that connect Panjim and Mapusa stopping at Sinquerim Beach. Taxis can also be hired for the short 10-minute drive from Candolim. Self-drive cars in Goamotorbikes, or scooters offer a greater degree of flexibility to explore at one’s own pace.

Reis Magos Fort

Located in North Goa, Reis Magos Fort is one of the oldest forts in Goa. Built in 1551, it gets its name from the Three Wise Men or Three Magi. According to local legend, the fort is built on the site where the Three Wise Men visited Jesus Christ after his birth.

Strategically located at the mouth of the Mandovi River, the fort offered panoramic views to monitor enemy ships sailing upstream towards Panjim, then the capital of Portuguese Goa.

Earlier built as a small fortification, it was later expanded with sturdier bastions and battlements by the Viceroy Dom Francisco de Gama.

The fort has narrow stairways, small windows, and sloping ramps. Its design reflects the defense priorities of the era. Cannons used for protecting the fort are still scattered along the parapet walls.

The travel time from Panjim Bus Stand to Reis Magos Fort is approximately 15-20 minutes. Taxis and rental cars in Goa can directly take you to the fort’s entrance.

Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort is located in the village of Aldona in North Goa. It offers a unique blend of Portuguese and Indian architectural styles.

The fort was constructed by the Portuguese in 1705 and was vital to the defense of Portuguese India. It is square in shape with a bastion placed in each of the corners. Its walls constructed out of laterite stone surround a moat that originally had water in it. A narrow and winding staircase at the fort’s entrance leads to the top of the fort. One gets to see an overview of the landscape covering the Mapusa River and some surrounding rural areas.

The Corjuem Fort may be small but should not be overlooked for its intriguing history and beautiful structure. Therefore, if you are thinking of fort exploration in Goa, you should not forget to visit Corjuem Fort!

Sinquerim Fort

The lesser-known Sinquerim Fort is located just a short walk from the famous Aguada Fort on Sinquerim Beach. Built by the Portuguese in 1613, it defended the northern beaches of Bardez.

With pristine Sinquerim beach on one side and the Aguada Fort on the other, the fort is picturesquely situated between land and sea. Despite being dilapidated over the centuries, remnants of the fort’s imposing ramparts still stand.

Buses headed to Sinquerim beach can drop visitors just 200m from the fort. The popular beaches of Calangute and Baga are only 4kms north. Rental bikes make it easy to include a quick stopover at Sinquerim Fort along North Goa coastal tours. If you want more comfort you should opt to rent a car in Goa!

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Fort Tiracol

Located near the village ofTiracol, Fort Tiracolwas built at the mouth of the Terekholriver in the 17th century by KhemSawantBhonsle, the Raja of Sawantwadi.

Later in 1746, when the Portuguese waged war against the Raja of Sawantwadi, the fort came under the Portuguese control.  With Portuguese at the helm, the Fort became a crucial part of maritime defenses.

Years later, the fort also witnessed the Portuguese civil war and the protest of Indian freedom fighters against the Portuguese rule.

Today, the fort has been converted into a hotel, called the Fort Tiracol Heritage. Adorned with Portuguese contemporary light, the hotel also has all the modern-day amenities and luxuries to offer all sorts of comforts to the guests.

Located in the northernmost tip of the Goa, it offers kaleidoscopic views of the Arabian Sea and the Terekholriver. Just sit on the top of the verandah, or one of the rooms’ private balconies, and you’ll have a never-before experience gazing at those beautiful seascapes while gulping clean air.

The most convenient way to get here is to board a ferry from Querim. If you want more comfort and freedom to travel at your own pace then opt for a car rental in Goa!

Fort Alorna                                              

Built by the Bhonsles of Sawantwadi in the 17th century to defend against the Maratha attacks, the Fort Alorna is also known as Fort Santa Cruz de Alorna and Halarn Fort.

Located on the banks of river Chapora in Northern Goa, it is a small yet beautiful and well-maintained fort 31km away from the capital city of Goa, Panaji.

The renovation of this Fort was carried out by the Archeological Survey of India and now it is open to the public. Taxis and rental cars can take you directly to this fort.


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6 Forts in North Goa Beyond the Chapora that You Must Visit in 2024!

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