13 Best Places to visit in North Goa 2024, List of Tourist places

North Goa

North Goa has some of India’s most spectacular beaches, fusing vibrant tourist amenities with rich cultural heritage. Miles of pristine sands lapped by the Arabian Sea draw visitors worldwide, be it for relaxation, water sports, or legendary beach parties. Beyond the coast, the region’s Portuguese-influenced architecture and mouth-watering seafood-centric cuisine add old-world charm.

Getting around is a breeze with buses connecting major inland towns. You can also get a taxi or a self-drive car in Goa on rent. Driving by yourself lets you fully embrace the North Goan vibe!

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Best places to visit in North Goa

Here are the must-visit places in North Goa!

Vagator Beach

Known for its crescent shape and cracked rocks, Vagator Beach is a stunning shoreline in North Goa. This beach is famous for its red cliffs that rise high above the Arabian Sea, offering spectacular views. One can’t miss the distinctive red rocks jutting out of the azure waters that Vagator is renowned for.

For adventure, Vagator is a hotspot for cliff jumping. The soaring heights combined with deep waters make it a thrilling leap for adrenaline junkies and daring swimmers.

Anjuna Beach

Nestled cozily between the slopes of the Aravalli hills, Anjuna Beach boasts an idyllic position in North Goa. Swaying palms skirt glittering sands that meet aquamarine waves – postcard views that encapsulate the tropical allure of India’s stunning Konkan coastline.

As Wednesday afternoons draw near, a buzz stirs around Anjuna anticipating the iconic flea market spread along the sands.

Calangute Beach

As the largest beach stretching over Goa’s northern coast, Calangute Beach brims with activity day and night. Rivaled only by Baga, this bustling hotspot throngs with domestic tourists and Europeans soaking up the surrounding holiday vibe with refreshments in hand.

At Calangute, there’s no shortage of watersports adventures to enjoy. Professional outfitters make commonplace activities like parasailing, jet skiing, bumper boating, and banana boating readily available for visitors.

Sinquerim Beach

Situated right beside the iconic Fort Aguada, Sinquerim Beach enjoys a picturesque locale along North Goa’s coastline. Its winding stretch of pearly white sand unfurls towards the Arabian Sea, fringed by swaying palms and quaint beach huts beckoning travelers to discover the aquamarine waters.

For beach-hopping, you may rent scooters and bikes. For more comfort and convenience you can also rent a car for self-drive in Goa and create your own itinerary!

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach oozes laidback coastal charm in North Goa with its inviting stretch of cream-colored sand now mostly free of large resort crowds. Swaying palms fringe the entire length casting dancing shadows by day whilst quaint shacks serve up fresh seafood catch alongside cold beers through the night.

Onshore, beach shacks dish out the daily fresh catch from juicy tiger prawns to seer fish fry alongside ice-cold beers as live bands play breezy acoustic sets on stage through the night.

beach in Goa

Arambol Beach

Famed to be North Goa’s most bohemian paradise, Arambol Beach enchants free-spirited travelers, artists, and musicians alike. Swaying palms fringe the crescent cove as beachfront shacks in bright, bold colors hum with activity by the day before transforming into lively party dens after dark.

Over the years it has cultivated an alternative culture embracing freedom of expression with quirky parades, spontaneous musicians jamming by the ocean, and vibrant market stalls dotting its landscapes.

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Mandrem Beach

On Pernem’s sleepy outskirts lies the relatively unknown Mandrem Beach, a seaside sanctuary swathed in serenity. Away from noisy resort crowds seen down south, Mandrem offers pure tranquility fringed by a thin belt of casuarina pine trees and scattered beach shacks!

Even with its understated ambiance, Mandrem still captivates intrepid travelers with adventure offerings too.

Fort Aguada

Rising high above the azure waters along Sinquerim Beach, lies the majestic Fort Aguada, considered the most spectacular bastion built by the Portuguese in Goa. Constructed in 1612, this almost perfectly preserved citadel stands as the oldest defense fortification guarding the mouth of River Mandovi.

You can easily get a bus or rent a scooter to reach here! If you want to travel comfortably and at your own pace then you may rent a car in Goa!

The Church Of Mae De Deus

Tucked amidst swaying palms in the peaceful village of Saligao lies the pristine Church of Mae De Deus, an architectural gem famed for its distinctive Gothic tower rising high against North Goa’s palms.

Beyond just spectacular architecture, the little church astounds during annual village festivals too like Harvest Feast or its Festa feast.

Temple Of Bogdeshwara

Perched on the edge of a lush hillside studded with spice plantations lies one of Goa’s most ancient sites – the granite Temple of Bogdeshwara dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Dating from antiquity before the 13th century, this little shrine built of laterite stone boasts an understated South Indian architectural style punctuated by a multi-tiered lamp tower rising elegantly over the site.

Chapora Fort

Overlooking the mouth of Chapora River as it merges dramatically into the Arabian Sea stands the ruins of Chapora Fort enveloped in rich history. Perched strategically atop a hill, this coastal citadel dates to Portuguese rule when Manuel Umbelino built defenses here in 1617 fearing attack from Maratha forces nearby.

The sturdy laterite stone bastions still stand strong offering panorama views stretching far seaward down the estuary.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is renowned as North Goa’s most lively seaside destination, buzzing with tourists enjoying its water sports, nightlife, and beach shacks. Visitors flock here to revel in adventures like boating, jet skiing, parasailing, and water surf biking along the azure waves.

As dusk falls, Baga transforms into a vibrant party central with nightclubs, bars, and seafood shacks pumping out music late into the night. With so much action condensed in a small coastal stretch, Baga surely delivers a packed, energetic Goan holiday experience.

Mapusa Market

Every Friday, Mapusa town located at Goa’s northernmost tip awakens with an air of excitement for its famous weekly market dating back over five centuries. This traditional bazaar traces its origin to the 16th century when Portuguese colonizers began organized trade in the region attracting merchants from neighboring towns to sell fresh produce and spices.

It offers perfect pocket-friendly souvenir shopping with stalls brimming with colorful textiles, coconut shell art, Kashmiri wares, artistic ceramics, and more all at bargain prices.


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13 Best Places to visit in North Goa 2024, List of Tourist places

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